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Что изменяют патчи для Civilization (СПИСОК, ENG)


Modders and Editor users please Reference the EditorSupplement.txt file[edit]


v1.20 Fixes, Changes, Additions
* Corruption calculation error that resulted in negative effects from the Forbidden Palace is now correct.
* Double gold bug is fixed.
* Railroads will always appear under captured cities if you have Steam Power.
* PBEM Games can not be loaded in Single Player
* PBEM: v1.20 Games can not be loaded on earlier versions. Earlier saves can STILL be loaded in v1.20
* PBEM: Previous players Civ can no longer be seen when loading a PBEM game
* Secret Police HQ no longer gives corruption OR OCN bonus when player leaves Communism. Fixed error with Government required buildings not turning off once switched from that government.
* Fixed issue that caused scientific leaders to use only the first name in the list.
* Fixed issue that caused selections on the Foreign Advisor screen to be cleared.
* Fixed issue with the audio preferences (sound volume).
* Greatly improved the ability of Seafaring civs to start near the coast. It should happen most of the time now.
* Fixed numerous problems with Seafaring civs starting near the coast in hotseat games.
* Implemented Seafaring civs starting near the coast in MP games.
* Updated the interface on the world chooser screen so selected options were more apparent.
* Fixed upgrade all bug (for units that do not have the upgrade ability but are part of the upgrade chain).
* Added feminine titles for Despotism, Feudalism, and Fascism (for English default
rules only!).
* Editor: Added Flavors to the Import dialog.
* Corrected display of silk as luxury in city view in Rise of Rome
* Corrected Scourge of God splash screen art in Fall of Rome
* Build road/fort animations now show for Legionary in Fall of Rome
* Cataphract now uses Ancient Cavalry art in Middle Ages
* Corrected Mining tech art in Age of Discovery
* Fixed Random Civ MP Launch OOS
* Optimized main menu code.
* Cleaned up INI preferences code
* Updated Civilopedia.txt Forbidden Palace to explain that all cities are still affected by distance from the Real Capital.
* Updated Civilopedia
* Updated PediaIcons.txt
* Fixed Credit Typos
* Updated AI Strategies in Conquests: Mesopotamia - Galley (Naval Power), Enkidu Warrior (Offense), Rise of Rome - All legions (Defense OFF), MesoAmerica - Acali & Great Acali (Acali:Unload/Upgrade & Naval Transport, Great Acali (Upgrade Unit OFF), Age of Discovery - Javelin Thrower (Offense), Missionary (Capture, Offense), WWII Pacific - Fighter Bomber (Bombard!)

* Histograph keeps tracking defeated Civs
* Electronics requirement removed from Motorized Transportation
* Radio Tech removed
* Civil Defense requires Electronics
* Advanced Flight now requires Electronics
* Radar Towers require Advanced Flight
* MPTournament: Tiny & Small maps can be played with 8 players
* MPTournament: Map sets Oceans to 40%
* MPTournament: Map Trading moved back to Map Making
* MPTournament: Enkidu cost raised to 15
* MPTournament: Ancient Cavalry defense lowered from 2 to 1
* MPTournament: Captured cities retain culture
* MPTournament: Turn slices lowered from 24(base)/3(per-city)/1(per-unit) to 16/2/1
* MP: City goodie hut spawns are not possible in Elimination Mode
* Fixed QuickCiv Description
* Shifted minimap and unit info boxes slightly inward to prevent problems with scrolling and button-clicking.
* Re-enabled Intel optimizations from PTW.

* Implemented Allow Scientific Leaders Rule
* Implemented ability to enter a seed value on the world setup screen. It is located in the upper-right corner. Any character can be entered as the seed. If the seed is 0 (the default), it will generate the world normally. If every character is a number, the value is interpreted as the seed value and used to generate the world. In all other cases, a hash table formula is applied to the string to generate a unique value that is used to generate the world. While it is technically possible for two different strings to evaluate to the same seed, it is unlikely (i.e., SEED is not the same as DEES -- upper- and lower-case letters will yield
different results as well).
* Implemented the "Play Last World" option. This option appears on the main menu after playing the first SP random-map game. When chosen, the player is taken to the world chooser with the seed filled in and all the previous settings selected. The player can make any changes or keep the world exactly the same. Note that if ANY changes are made on this screen, the map that is generated will be different. Next the player is taken to the player setup screen with all the civs and settings from the previous game
selected. Again, the player can make any changes or keep the settings the same. If ANY civs are changed, player starting locations MAY change (depending on the number of seafaring civs, actually).
* Implemented support for CAPS LOCK to work as the SHIFT key to skip unit movement animations (so you don't have to hold shift for the AI's turn to skip the animations).
* The MP timer values are now read from scenarios (the default values remain unchanged).
* Editor: Added MP timer values to the Scenario Properties. There are 3 values: Base, Per Unit, and Per City (with defaults of 24, 1, and 3, respectively). They represent the Base amount of time per turn + the amount of time Per Unit + the amount of time Per City (number of units/cities used each turn are based on the player with the most units and the player with the most cities on that turn). The values can range from 0-100. The higher the number, the more time per turn. The scenario MPFastCiv3Conquests was added to demonstrate this change. You may not notice much of a difference initially but the turns quickly become faster as you get more cities and units.

* City view is disabled while playing the Conquests. This was done because the creation of art assets to fit every scenario was considered a lower priority than expanded gameplay.
* City view art for the New Wonders do not appear in the City View screen. Sorry.
* Corruption is always going to be a huge debate but we hope you enjoy the changes that have been made.

Play the World Patch v1.27f ReadMe

Additions in v1.27f:
* Adding Gamespy Usage Tracking.
* Note: the '3 seconds' rule is a result of eliminating the synchronous messaging. It will allow for up to 3 second lag to receive update messages now.
* Reworked the setup window to allow you to exit/cancel at any time - this includes mid-loading and scenario sending
* Multiplayer Menu change (select the type of play and be taken into the menu with the correct setting toggled)
* Implemented load in setup window to not send over a savegame unless needed
* Added an INI file option to turn off AI patrolling. The option is NoAIPatrol and if set to 1, the AI will no longer use its units to randomly patrol if they have nothing else to do. The default is 0 (meaning the AI will patrol). In multiplayer games, the host's setting will be used for all players.
* Added option to make map already explored to scenario properties. Scenarios with this option checked, will begin with the map already explored, thus all players begin the game knowing what the map looks like.
* Player numbers should now always be correct (you should not have to change them) if you have not changed your name since the game you have loaded

Changes in v1.27f:
* Removed all synchronous messages in the setup window
* You can no longer cancel the countdown with less than 3 seconds remaining on the countdown
* You can no longer kick anyone or exit the game (other than end task of course) with less than 3 seconds remaining on the countdown
* Changed the 'Loading...' label to display 'Loading...' followed by 'Please Wait...' cycling every 3 seconds so users will know the game is not locked up. This text is in red to stand out on the screen
* Rules that are changed before the savegame is loaded no longer applies. The rules for the game come directly from the savegame now
* Optimized the reset features on the window when the host selects 'standard' after a load/scenario send. Previously it was resending the rules - it no longer does this.
* You will no longer play a game set as 'si-move' in pbem mode - it will play as a si-move and not pbem
* selecting a scenario with a map but not loading it ( cancelling ) should no longer change current world settings
* Reworked the setup window to allow you to exit/cancel at any time - this includes mid-loading and scenario sending
* Changed the 'Loading...' label to display 'Loading...' followed by 'Please Wait...' cycling every 3 seconds so users will know the game is not locked up. This text is in red to stand out on the screen
* Optimized the reset features on the window when the host selects 'standard' after a load/scenario send. Previously it was resending the rules - it no longer does this.
* Sped up 'launch' action in Setup window
* Updated non-era techs to allow for civ-specific tech trees. If a non-era tech is used as a prerequisite for a regular tech and a particular civ does not have access to the non-era tech, all techs sprouting from the non-era tech will not be visible on the Science Advisor screen and will not be required for advancement to the next era.
* Fixed Civilopedia entry for Coastal Fortress by removing reference to, "50% defense bonus from naval attacks". There are no direct naval attacks on land units - only bombardment.
* Updated BIC file version to 11.19.
* Updated editor version to 2.57.
* Players should see fewer occurances of a unit staying selected after he is out of movement points.
* If a player leaves a game while it is paused, he will now be destroyed

Fixes in v1.27f:
* Fixed a bug which would allow you to chain load games after you switched the game mode to hotseat
* Fixed an OOS bug where you would load a scenario followed by a save and the game would go OOS on first turn
* Fixed a bug causing the foreign advisor to display incorrectly in > 8 player Single Player games.
* Fixed a bug where the turn limit warning and time limit warnings would not appear when a game was restarted.
* Fixed a bug with mouseover text on the city view screen.
* Fixed a bug where you could get an empty playername if you accepted a blank playername once and then cancelled
* Fixed a bug which allowed you to launch without everyone ready
* Fixed a bug with player numbers not being correct, and any load attempt with those bad players numbers would cause problems
* Fixed a bug where a player would appear to vanish when setting a hotseat/PBEM game to si-move
* Fixed a bug where the host would vanish with changing settings for hotseat/PBEM
* Fixed a bug where no error message would appear when trying to launch a game while a client was nto done loading - it would appear to simply not respond but now it does.
* Fixed a bug that caused paratroopers (and possibly helicopters) to disappear after playing the airdrop animation.
* When clicking MP as a menu option, you will no longer get a periodic empty popup
* Fixed crash when choosing scenario->load game-> then launching the loaded game
* Fixed Specific sequence pbem to scenario load crash
* Player name being reset to civ name after a pbem load and switch to standard no longer occurs
* Fixed lockup when loading pbem and switching to standard
* Fixed some bugs with sending scenarios over repeatedly
* Fixed a bug with disconnecting
* Fixed a message overflow involving scenario sending
* Fixed some spelling error in diplomacy text
* Fixed an out of sycnh with load/save (unique to 1.24 - no readme required)
* Fixed a bug with game limits and rename popups being open on multiplayer setup when you kick someone or launch
* Fixed numerous bugs related to hotseat/pbem game modes and loading saves/scenarios
* The description button for Numidian Mercenary will now display in the Civilopedia.
* Updated placement of forests and jungles on bonus grassland to leave the bonus shield under the forest/jungle (NOTE: this only applies when placing forest/jungle on bonus grassland tiles).
* Fixed a bug with non-era techs that allowed players to potentially receive them for free from the Great Library (NOTE: this also fixes a similar bug that would allow players to receive techs that they do not have the prerequisites for if the order of the techs in the editor was changed).
* Fixed bug with PBEM allowing you to queue up save sends and flooding the network queue while others were connected
* Fixed a bug with air interception at the bottom of the map
* Updated leaderheads\CL_CULTB.pcx to fix transparent color issue.
* Fixed an out of synch bug involving pausing during a faction upkeep in turnless mode
* X/Y wrapping/boundary issues regarding nukes fixed.
* Fixed an x/y wrapping issue with city name drawing.
* Fixed the turn limit warning popup to not constantly repeat in multiplayer.
* Fixed a bug where the 'chat box' would stay up in the game after the game ended.
* Fixed an exploit allowing one to get extra shields during wartime mobilization.
* Fixed a bug where units with 2 movement points would occasionally warp 1 tile when moved quickly in succession.
* Fixed a bug where diplomacy requests were sent to the wrong player/every player when loading a game.
* Fixed a bug with Colony-to that caused it to do a fortress-to.
* Fixed some display bugs in the Foreign Advisor.
* Fixed a bug where the 'b' key wouldnt function for colonists in Ancient Mediterranean Mod.
* Fixed bug which caused walls not to be obsoleted by growing from a town to a city.
* Fixed a PBEM exploit which allowed you to see other players turns even in passworded games.
* Fixed a turnless out of synch.

Play the World Patch v1.21f

Additions in v1.21f:
* Added support for numeric keypad special characters in edit boxes.
* Added support for faster-loading Multiplayer saved games and scenarios.
* Added a 'Locate City' hotkey to Multiplayer.
* Implemented Kick in the Staging Area.
* Added INI tweak to disable force feedback support: NoForceFeedback=1.
* Added a civilopedia reference to 'Happy Faces' if a building produces happy faces in the city window.

Changes in v1.21f:
* Hidden Nationality units are no longer forcibly removed from enemy territory via diplomacy.
* Expansionist civs can no longer build Scouts when civ-specific abilities are disabled.
* No player will be dropped within a certain timeframe of a player leaving the game.
* The Net Setup Window has been changed to a selective asynchronous process.
* Passwords are limited to 20 characters.
* ICBM's can no longer auto-bombard.
* Canceling Espionage in multiplayer no longer exits to map.
* Non-Empty Games Filter now filters out games with only one player (the host).
* Removed In-Progress Filter, replaced it with a Password Filter.
* GameSpy Connect call is now non-modal, meaning it can be cancelled and will time out if it fails to connect.
* Improved Pangaea map generation.
* Improved random free tech selection for the Scientific civ trait.

Fixes in v1.21f:
* Fixed bug with cultural opinion text being replaced with garbled text.
* Non-combat unit warning message has been changed to refer to both cities and terrain improvements.
* Fixed bug that incorrectly reported a rescued/re-captured princess as the player's princess being killed.
* Fixed an issue with overlapping popups.
* Fixed paste crash.
* Fixed bug that caused players in the loss sequence to receive a popup message telling them that they won when the actual winner exits the game.
* Fixed bug that allows users to cursor past text limits in edit boxes.
* Fixed loading saved games status message display.
* Fixed an out of synch related to stack movement.
* Fixed bug where the fog of war would cover the whole screen with the exception of the last city you were viewing.
* Fixed chat text getting cut off.
* Fixed bug where a single player loading a hotseat or PBEM game through the setup win could not exit.
* Reloading a game in the setup window will now show you messages again (such as Sending game to player xxx...).
* There is no longer a 'ghost' game in the lobby, both with clicking and mouseover.
* The lobby should no longer re-sort periodically unless you instigate it or a game is added/deleted.
* The AI can no longer be set to player '0' (barbarian) when loading a game.
* Fixed a bug in the spaceship screen where it would show your city on everyone screen (the city view screen).
* Chat text will no longer persist in the diplomacy window.
* Fixed an out of synch unique to turnless.
* Fixed a bug where you would load a turnless save and some cities would never produce again.
* Fixed a bug in turnless where units would simply stop moving, and cities would stop producing periodically.
* Fixed a bug with auto-precision bombing not choosing the proper targets.
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to change another's production after they stole their plans.
* Fixed an out of synch related to amphibious warfare.
* Fixed an out of synch involving nukes.
* Fixed a plethora of problems with filters.
* Fixed a bubble text bug with staging window.
* Fixed a array out of bounds issue with lobby window.
* Removed Asturias from Spanish city list.
* Fixed typo in conquistador civilopedia chapter.
* Correct date listed for Spain becoming a democracy in Spanish civilopedia chapter.
* Fixed crash involving starting hotseat games.
* Fixed the hang alive after pause bug.
* Fixed the bug where all players would have to hit enter (occasionally) after a pause.
* The spaceship screen will now process messages.
* Fixed hang alive when the spaceship screen comes up over diplomacy.
* Fixed bug (Single player and MP) where you could select a unit in an army and unload him (move him out).
* Filters now work as an OR filter in each group, and an AND filter cross-group.
* Fixed an out of synch caused by combat and lag.
* Games will now report correctly, instead of everything past load game reporting as elimination.
* Fixed an out of synch unique to eliminating a civilization.
* Fixed the win98 modem hosting with 3+ modems connecting slowdown/lockup bug.
* Fixed a bug where if you denied to vote on a UN leader, then no one in the game could win (they could however lose).
* Fixed the screen slot error in MP setup screen.
* Fixed crash when loading a save game where the host was eliminated and the new host had a different name than the next available player.
* Fixed bug where the game would do 2 turns instead of 1 when only 1 human player (non-original host) was left in the game to defeat AI.
* Fixed an infinite production exploit with PBEM games.
* Fixed a display bug in the MP setup window which would keep a combo box open indefinitely.
* Fixed graphic corruption issue in the MP setup screen when loading a PBEM game.
* Fixed an issue where the players name would vanish if they left and then returned quickly to the lobby window.
* Fixed bug where auto-bombard would not auto-bomb multiple terrain improvements in neutral territory.
* Fixed the military advisor speed.
* Fixed an out of synch with auto-precision bombing.
* Fixed a text overwrite issue in the staging window.
* Fixed a graphic issue where multiple leaders would be displayed in Military advisor.
* Fixed bug with hotseat/PBEM victory conditions and rules.
* Fixed a selection issue with the build queue in the city screen.
* Fixed a bug where the right click menu would stay up over top of screens.
* Fixed bug with Sentry not functioning in MP.
* Fixed bug where you could not ask an AI civ to remove its units from your territory.
* Fixed an out of synch involving advancing into a newly captured city tile which contained units which could be captured while the animation was onscreen.
* Slightly increased turn-flip performance to minimize lag (especially post-turn lag) in larger games with slower machines.
* Fixed lockup with nuke launching.
* Fixed bug which allowed multiple instances of the same nuke to be launched.
* Fixed remaining Hang Dead due to spaceship screen appearing over diplomacy.
* Fixed hang alive related to auto-bombardment or bombing from a city and then tributing that city to another player.
* Fixed crash when a mod had less than 24 races and the player chose 'Random'.
* Fixed a bug where the settler would occasionally not build a city in MP.
* Fixed a bug where you would lose mouse functionality in the city window.
* Fixed a bug that when the host is eliminated the game would lock.
* Fixed right click on an improvement from the city window referring the user to the incorrect civilopedia entry.
* Fixed grammar issue with MPP causing a civ to declare war on you.
* Fixed grammar issue in the spaceship screen.
* Fixed unit movement on road after combat bug.
* Fixed bug with unit healing.
* Fixed bug where the game would not end synchronously on all machines.
* Editor: Fixed memory leak.
* Fixed several bugs involving the display of several items near and crossing the x/y boundaries of the map.
* Fixed numerous text bugs in diplomacy.txt.
* Fixed bug in city view screen which allowed you to give orders while a pull down menu was up.
* Fixed a bad index to civilopedia in the city window.
* Fixed a bug where the user could abandon all of their cities if they had more than one.
* Fixed PathMananger infinite loop.
* Fixed some issues with lag.
* Fixed a bug with the civilopedia cursor.
* Fixed a graphics issue with bombarding and interception causing a lockup and graphics corruption.
* Fixed an out of synch involving non-stack moved settler/defender combo reporting as 'undefended' for humans.
* Fixed an out of synch involving barbarian movement.
* Fixed an out of synch involving combat.

Play the World Patch v1.14f

Additions in PTW v1.14f:

* Added info about outposts to pedia entry for Masonry.
* Added info about airfields to pedia entry for Flight.
* Added info about radar towers to pedia entry for Radio.
* Added information about upgrading units to civilopedia entries for Barracks, Harbor, and Airport.
* Added status message for MP setup to tell when players leave the game.
* Added code to update lobby when players are removed from the setup screen.
* Added code to update lobby when the number of players changes on the setup screen.
* Added support for Cut/Copy/Paste in edit boxes (chat, text boxes, etc.)
* Added code to refresh lobby window when games are removed or updated.
* When a player lags out, a message box will now come up after 5 seconds of them lagging. They are given 60 seconds to recover from this lag, and at any point any player can choose to drop them from the game.
* When joining a multiplayer game, a join timer will appear letting you know that you are attempting to join a game. During this process you may cancel the join, thus aborting the attempt.

Changes in v1.14f:

* Removed Frigate from England's build list as it is replaced by the Man-O-War.
* Intro movie no longer plays when joining games through GameSpy Arcade.
* Turnless speed now defaults to normal.
* Improved overall game speed.
* When a player is in the process of connecting to a game, all players will be informed by his name being replaced with the word 'Connecting'.
* When loading a game, all players will now be informed who still is left to load the game. The people who have yet to load the game have their names replaced with 'Loading Game'.

Fixes in v1.14f:

* Fixed bug that caused barbarians to receive victory points.
* Fixed typo in password popup.
* Fixed redraw bug that occurred after capturing/destroying airfields, towers, outposts, and colonies.
* Fixed Send Text Message hotkey typo in civilopedia.
* Fixed typo in labels for Victory Points.
* Fixed incorrect civilopedia entry when clicking on espionage icon.
* Fixed bug that caused unit selection order to be incorrect at the beginning of restarted MP games.
* Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scientific Method.
* Fixed typo in pedia entry for Invention.
* Fixed typo in pedia entry for Carthage.
* Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scandinavia.
* Fixed bug that caused MP difficulty level to always be Regent.
* Fixed bug with city screen and advisor screens not working together properly.
* Fixed bug that caused multiple exits to be required from military advisor screen.
* Fixed bug that caused rewinding replay to not work for destroying or capturing cities.
* Fixed bug that caused color blind help and disable pop. limit warning prefs to be swapped
* Fixed bug with stack goto and moving 1 tile.
* Fixed bug that caused turn indicator to not be displayed on the first turn of MP turn-based games.
* Fixed bug with free tech popups from Theory of Evolution.
* Fixed bug that allowed the AI to trade communications before they had the tech that allowed it.
* Fixed bug that caused kings and princesses for respawned AI civs to respawn in the wrong location.
* Fixed crash caused by going to the science advisor screen in the future era.
* Fixed crash on ranking screen in debug/editor mode.
* Fixed infinite autosave bug caused by changing the label for 'Autosave'.
* Fixed bug that caused 'Diplomatic' to not be selected when the espionage screen is first displayed.
* Fixed several typos in diplomacy text.
* Fixed OOS when using Sentry commands.
* Fixed bug with palace upgrades not being saved.
* Fixed crash when joining MP games through GameSpy Arcade.
* The Manual incorrectly lists the number of victory points assigned per turn for holding a victory location. The correct amount is 25 per turn.
* Host Canceling a game in the staging area now actually cancels the game instead of choosing a new host.
* Messages will now process even if you have checked the 'Rename' option in the setup window.
* You can no longer change your name to match any other players name.
* Timer on turnless games has been increased slightly to make the early game progress faster.
* Metering is no longer dependent on the host machine -- it is now dependent on the system itself.
* Fixed lag issue with modem hosting.
* Added Hwach'a and Berzerk to upgrade path.
* Removed Hwach'a airlift ability.
* When loading a game, the setup screen will no longer display 'Barbarian Chiefdom'.
* City View Screen now refreshes when a unit is disbanded from it.
* Stability improvements to connecting to staging window.
* Fixed a sporadic fatal on exit.
* Spanish build preferences changed to building wealth often.
* Fixed bug where game would not launch if you had the Game Limits popup open.
* Fixed 'Famous Replay Bug.'
* Fixed bug with ruins moving when zoomed.
* Fixed typos in labels and popup text.
* You can no longer have multiple open combo boxes on the screen.
* Games started in Arcade that are password protected now report correctly.
* Fixed a crash bug when joining the setup window from the staging room.
* Locked games will now report as locked even if they are also passworded.
* Time limit games now end in-synch instead of at different times on everyones machine.
* Fixed a bug where the settler would not build the first turn of a game.

Additions, Changes, and Fixes Since v1.07

Additions v1.29f:

* Editor: Added a new flag to terrain types to be able to set whether or not cities can be built on a particular terrain type.
* Editor: Implemented city placement. You can now add, delete and edit cities. When a city is placed, a unique name is automatically generated for it. City art will match the era of the player it is assigned to.
* Editor: Implemented mouse cursor feedback. If the tile under the mouse is invalid for the current brush type, the invalid mouse cursor is displayed.
* Saved last scenario loaded in .INI file.
* Editor: Updated Tile property sheet to work with starting locations.
* Editor: Added "Reassign" tile option to context menu.
* Added Fortify All and Wake All right-click menu commands.
* Updated units to allow them to have the names which are set in the editor.
* Editor: Added unit-placement option.
* Editor: Added ability to delete placed units.
* Editor: Added unit properties.
* Added additional Hotkeys to Civilopedia entries.
* Added "Always Renegotiate Deals" prefs which forces a renegotiation of every non-peace treaty deal every 20 turns.
* Editor: Added ability to toggle colony-placement by terrain type.
* Editor: Added a colony overlay so that colonies can be added to (and deleted from) the map.
* Editor: Added colonies to tile properties.
* Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Civilizations. Note that there is a maximum of 32 Civilizations.
* Editor: Added Accelerated Production to Game Settings list on Scenario Properties. It defaults to OFF.
* Editor: Added various map text options to View menu. City Names, Number of Units, and Tile Owners can be toggled on or off as desired. Note that City Names and Number of Units both default to ON while Tile Owners defaults to OFF.
* Editor: Added a minimap.
* Editor: Added some randomness to map editing by setting the seed to something other than 0 (does not change existing maps).
* Added Cancel to Go To City popup.
* Added a preference for disabling the pop. limit warning.
* Added Accelerated Production rule to player setup screen. It defaults to OFF.
* Added an error message for missing unit files (to help debug mods that have added/renamed units).
* Editor: Added zoom in/out functionality.
* Editor: Added zoom level to status bar.
* Editor: Added zoom quality controls.
* Editor: Added zoom in/out to context menu.
* Added an error message for missing entries in pediaicons.txt though this is currently only used for loading tech icons.
* Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Citizens.
* Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Civilization Advances.
* Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Improvements and Wonders. Note that there is a limit of 256 Improvements and Wonders. Also, changing Improvements and Wonders will have NO effect on the city view screen. The city view screen will behave as though the improvements have not been modified
* Editor: Updated unit and resource icon loading to handle sprite pages of any width (any height was already handled).
* Editor: Added display of city territory boundaries with a View option to toggle this display.
* Editor: Added additional speed optimizations to release build.
* Editor: Added team color to units, starting locations, text, and territory boundaries. Note that, because of the number of possible combinations of players/civs placed on the map and the number of team colors available, the same team colors can and will be used for different players.
* Editor: Added hotkey to toggle minimap (M).
* Editor: Added ability to click and drag on minimap.
* Editor: Added support for scroll keys and mouse wheel to minimap.
* Editor: Added hotkey to switch focus between minimap and main window (Tab).
* Editor: Added code to disable zoom on systems that don't support it.
* Editor: Added options to redistribute starting locations, natural resources, goody huts, and bonus grassland tiles to the Map menu.
* Editor: Added some restrictions to randomly-generated starting locations (can't be placed on goody huts, barbarian camps, cities, units, or colonies).
* Editor: Added territory display to minimap.
* Added some restrictions to randomly-generated starting location (can't appear on goody huts, barbarian camps, units, cities, or colonies -- this only affects scenarios).
* Added error messages for the following items when entries are missing from pediaicons.txt: era splash, wonder splash, victory portraits, building icons. Note that error messages will only be displayed when attempting to load the missing file and this doesn't necessarily occur at game startup.
* Updated scenario loading with support for auto-generated city names. City names will always be generated in the same order unless the scenario is modified (so, if a city is assigned "Rome," it will always be assigned "Rome," when playing that scenario).
* Editor: Added option to context menu to center on the clicked tile.
* Editor: Added "auto" check box to city properties that will cause the city's name to be automatically generated when the scenario is loaded into the game. It defaults to ON if the active player cannot access city names (i.e., they are a player with no civ assigned) and OFF if the active player can access city names.
* Added the ability to rename units if they produce a great leader during combat. The player is given a popup to name this unit.
* Added error handling for scenarios with an incorrect number of difficulty levels, eras, espionage missions, experience levels, worker jobs, terrain types, and world sizes. The player will be given a message and the game will exit.
* Editor: Added various interface enhancements.
* Editor: Added ability to import BIC data from other BIC files.
* Added an '*' next to experience level name for units that have produced a leader.

Changes v1.29f:

* Editor: Changed the rename unit confirmation message to only be displayed if there is no corresponding folder and .INI file for the new name.
* Disabled tutorial mode when using custom rules (due to a number of problems/bugs).
* Sped-up world builder for generated maps.
* Circular leader heads used in civ3 are no longer hardcoded.
* Fixed crash that occurs on the city screen when a city is connected to more than 8 resources.
* Editor: Changed context menu to support cascading popup submenus for the many delete options.
* Editor: Renamed "Restart Players" game setting to "Respawn AI Players".
* Editor: Renamed references to "Terraforming Improvements" to "Worker Jobs".
* Editor: Changed maximum allowable value for Appearance Ratio for resources to 900.
* Editor: Renamed "Infinite Range" unit ability to "Infinite Bombard Range".
* Removed hard-coding of small luxury icons for city screen. This should remove all art restrictions for adding Resources in the editor.
* Renamed "Restarting Players" game rule to "Respawn AI Players" on the player setup screen.
* Removed scenario popup if there is no title AND no description AND the rules have not been modified in the scenario.
* Removed compression from auto saves.
* Moved preferences popup so that it no longer extends off the bottom of the screen.
* Changed error message for incompatible scenario versions to make sense for both older and newer versions.
* Updated code for loading citizen icons to synchronize it with the number of citizen types in the BIC file. As such, citizen icons are no longer hard-coded.
* Moved tech icons into pediaicons.txt.
* Synchronized improvement icon loading.
* Editor: Removed icon from Civilization Advances page as they are now stored in pediaicons.txt.
* Editor: Updated BIC file version to 3.14.
* Editor: Optimized rules property sheet for speed.
* Editor: Updated improvements page to allow only 1 center of empire.
* Editor: Optimized citizen and government pages slightly.
* Editor: Set ocean as the default terrain type.
* Editor: Renamed all references to 'Goods' to 'Resources'.
* Editor: Changed city placement so that roads/railroads are not automatically added to the tile but neither are they removed and they can be manually placed underneath cities.
* Editor: Restricted road placement to tiles where the terrain type has a road bonus.
* Made a slight change to placement of goody huts and bonus grassland tiles. This will have no effect on existing maps and saved games but it will cause new seed-generated maps to be generated differently than they were prior to this version (i.e., using the same seed before this version and after this version will produce maps with a different distribution of goody huts and bonus grassland tiles).
* Removed the water restriction from terraforming so that all terraform types are now based on the terrain type (except for forts).
* Changed city code so that a road/railroad is not placed under a city if a road/railroad is not allowed on the terrain type the city is built upon.
* Editor: Changed territory calculations. This will cause existing scenarios to have slightly different territory display in the editor only. The territory display in the game for existing scenarios will be unaffected.
* Changed Military Advisor to evaluate armies based on relative strengths of units as opposed to number of units.
* Changed air units to ignore movement costs of terrain types (this will only have an effect on air units without the Immobile ability).

Fixes v1.29f:

* Fixed typo in Tactical Nuclear Missile entry.
* Editor: Fixed bug with sprite transparency in Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
* Editor: Fixed bug with canceling out of the Player Properties.
* Editor: Fixed some bugs with players.
* Editor: Fixed some bugs with the active player.
* Editor: Fixed occasional crash caused by Restore Default Rules and Clear Rules options.
* Editor: Fixed bug with undo and cancel on Tile and Scenario property sheets.
* Fixed crash with city names and blank city name problem.
* Fixed bug in Foreign Advisor with the display of some leader heads.
* Fixed bug which forced the main interface to always appear when exiting the citywin.
* Fixed diplowin loophole involving renegotiating peace which allowed 0 turn wars.
* Fixed bug involving the trade network and destroyed cities.
* Corrected Nuclear Plant output on Plants Game Concept Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Marketplace is required to build a Bank in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Factory is required to build a Manufacturing Plant in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Factory is required to build a Coal Plant in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Factory is required to build a Solar Plant in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Factory is required to build a Hydro Plant in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Factory is required to build a Nuclear Plant in its Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a University is required to build a Research Lab in its Civilopedia entry.
* Added Mech. Infantry to the list of units that can be drafted in the game concept Civilopedia entry.
* Corrected the Communism draft rate listed in the Draft Civilopedia entry to 2.
* Corrected Disease Civilopedia chapter to reflect workers are immune to disease.
* Corrected Resistance Civilopedia chapter to reflect resisting citizens do not consume food.
* Editor: Fixed bug with help on scenario properties.
* Editor: Fixed bugs with tab orders on several property pages.
* Editor: Fixed occasional crash.
* Editor: Fixed bugs with cancel button on scenario and tile property sheets.
* Editor: Fixed bug that caused all language resources to be included in English-language builds.
* Editor: Fixed bug that caused number of players to not load correctly.
* Editor: Fixed a bug with tile owners displayed on the status bar.
* Fixed bug with loading resource icons.
* Fixed bug with improvement icons.
* Fixed bug that caused bubble text on the science advisor screen to be displayed in the wrong location if the screen resolution is larger than 1024x768.
* Fixed bug with .INI option "Quickstart=1".
* Fixed a bug that caused old saves to appear to have modified rules.
* Fixed some text bugs in labels, civilopedia, and script.
* Lined up hot key text in Civilopedia.
* Fixed a gender problem with the declaration of war popup.
* Sped up game by removing some unit draws for non-visible units.
* Fixed bug that prevented air units from being displayed over water tiles.
* Editor: Fixed minor bug with status bar.
* Fixed minor territory bug.
* Editor: Fixed small bug with message-passing system.
* Fixed several bugs with interface that occurred when toggling button positions and hiding the interface.
* Fixed crash that occurred when there are not enough starting locations to play a game. Now, an error message is displayed and the game exits.
* Fixed bug with scenario loading.
* Restricted roads/railroads from being built on terrain that has no road bonus.
* Fixed minimap to display correctly when the world's aspect ratio is something other than 1:1.
* Editor: Fixed some bugs with the redistribution options.
* Editor: Fixed bug that caused the minimap to not be updated after loading.
* Editor: Fixed bug that caused Future Era and Any Difficulty to not be loaded into the editor correctly.
* Fixed a typo in the science advice text.
* Fixed bug that allowed team color discs to use civ colors for hidden nationality units.
* Fixed bug with citizens not being initially assigned to work in scenarios.
* Fixed bug which prevented SAM Battery from working.
* Fixed bug that caused no starting locations to be generated on some maps.
* Fixed bug that caused worker automation (and goto city) to not work properly if there were no water tiles on the map.
* Editor: Fixed a bug where Scenario Properties were not always cleared when loading a new scenario.
* Fixed crash that occurred if there were more players than playable civs.
* Fixed bug that caused civs to be assigned incorrect colors.
* Fixed bug which caused one's own units to attack one's workers.
* Fixed unit stack corruption bug caused by the nuke draw functions.
* Fixed crash caused by too many units requiring the same tech prerequisite.
* Fixed bad icons displayed on science advisor screen.

Additions v1.21f:

* Added HOME and END keyboard support to scrollbars.
* Improved city governor AI.
* Editor: Added HP bonus to the Units page. The bonus can be anywhere from -20 to +20.
* Editor: Added Retreat Bonus controls to Combat Experience page.
* Editor: Added new unit abilities to allow bombarding to be lethal against land and/or sea units.
* Editor: Added multiple AI strategies for units.
* Editor: Exposed AI to AI trade rate.
* Editor: Added Reset Player Data option to Scenario menu which allows resetting of all custom player data to default values.
* Editor: Added a corruption slider to difficulty level page. It defaults to 100% for all difficulty levels.
* Added Barbarian Activity: No Barbarians.
* Added Allow Restarting Players rule.
* Added Preserve Random Seed rule. Turning this off will allow random seeds to be changed when a saved game is reloaded (which makes combat different...).
* Editor: Added game rules and victory conditions to scenario properties. If defaults are not used, the check boxes are not displayed and their on/off states cannot be changed.
* Editor: Added playable civs selector to scenario properties. If a civ is not playable, it will not be available for selection for both the human player and the opponents nor will it be assigned to any Random civ.
* Customized game settings for scenarios now work on the player setup screen. If defaults are not used, the check boxes are not displayed and their on/off states cannot be changed.
* Added "Abandon City" to right-click menu.
* Compressed saved games.
* Editor: Displayed active player on status bar.
* Editor: Setting active player to a barbarian tribe causes placed barbarian camps to use the specified barbarian tribe.
* Added bubble text to tech chooser for tech names that get cut off.
* Editor: Game now saves world-builder seed to .INI file for use in generating maps in editor.

Changes v1.21f:

* Game settings are now stored in any save file that uses them. This prevents players from altering their BIC file and using it in an existing game.
* Editor: Changed the maximum value for the Min. Distance Between Civs to 256.
* Editor: Improved starting locations for scenarios only.
* Editor: Renamed "Unique Color" to "Alternate Color" on civilizations page of the rules property sheet.
* Editor: Removed option to customize world from scenarios that contain a map.
* Editor: Added support for custom Players to player setup.
* Editor: Removed some team color palette restrictions.
* Increased corruption/waste fighting ability of courthouses and police stations.
* Increased waste fighting ability of We Love The King Day.
* Decreased Large Map Size to 130x130.
* Decreased Huge Map Size to 160x160.
* Draft anger and hurrying unhappiness reduced to 20 turns.
* War chariots now upgrade to knights.
* Adjusted advance trading rates for AI.
* The following units now plays their fidget animations when the fortify: Mech Infantry, Modern Armor, Nuclear Submarine, Panzer, Submarine, Tank, and Transport.
* Editor: Restricted players from having duplicate races.
* Removed Mounted ability from all units (flag was unused).
* Changed Culturally Linked Starting Locations from a pref to a rule.
* Sped up world builder.
* Handled some hard-coded icon issues for the city management window.
* Improved method of detecting modified rules.
* Mods no longer show gray lines on Science Advisor screen.
* Editor: Streamlined menu options.

Fixed v1.21f:

* Page Up/Down in Civilopedia no longer opens random entries.
* Editor: Fixed bug with Aggression Level slider on Civilizations page.
* Editor: Updated ERA_NONE techs to work as expected (you can never research them and they don't impede era advancement but they can be assigned as free techs).
* Removed "God mode" save cheat.
* Fixed crash related to last settler dying on a transport.
* Fixed bug involving extra movement costs if the unit can't advance after combat.
* Fixed stack movement bug involving armies.
* Fixed worker automation bug involving shift-A.
* Fixed bugs involving setup screen remembering settings.
* Fixed bug involving maintenance costs and granaries/Pyramids, barracks/Art of War, etc.
* Fixed bug involving stack movement and combat.
* Fixed forest planting on enemy territory exploit.
* Fixed bug in diplo bargaining AI for per-turn gold deals.
* Improved army healing AI.
* Fixed bug with how shields were calculated for population hurrying. The first citizen is now worth 20 shields instead of 40 shields, just like all the other citizens.
* Air units now stay on interception if their carrier moves.
* Updated units with Zone of Control in the Zone of Control Civilopedia entry.
* Updated food from game tiles in the Bonus Resources Civilopedia entry.
* Updated Coastal Fortress maintenance cost in Maintenance Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed some bugs involving the AI's use of fighters/jet fighters.
* Fixed some bugs with team color palettes.
* Fixed highlight bug on world and player setup screens.
* Fixed combo box bug.
* Correct Knight Death SFX now plays.
* Editor: Fixed bug that allowed rivers in water.
* Editor: Fixed bug that did not properly set rivers when turning water into land.
* Fixed bug which allowed rebasing bombers which had already bombed using group movement.
* Noted that a Temple is required to build a Cathedral in it's Civilopedia entry.
* Noted that a Library is required to build an University in it's Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed SFX problems with Rifleman and Cavalry.
* Fixed typo that prevented a Paratrooper from displaying it's fortify animation.
* Editor: Fixed some barbarian bugs. Barbarians are now forced to be the first civ.
* Editor: Fixed some bugs with Add/Delete buttons.
* Fixed bug with civ-specific abilities that caused them to be displayed in the "Dawn of Man" popup even when they were turned off.
* Fixed building prerequisites to allow buildings to require buildings that are bestowed by other buildings but only if 1 is required. If more than 1 or required, they must actually be built.
* Fixed bug in culture win where the Civilopedia cursor would show up in the wrong place.
* Fixed Foreign advisor bug where recently met civs would not appear on the screen in a > 8 player game.
* Fixed bug in Civ3 where Scout runs an extra space after revealing a goody hut.
* Fixed bug where greater than standard hit points left artifacts on the screen.
* Fixed bug involving not being able to draft certain types of defensive units.
* Wonders now work with the government specific field.
* Fixed domestic advisor crash.
* Worker death SFX now play in ancient and middle ages.
* Fixed bug that caused government-specific wonders and improvements to continue functioning when the government is changed.
* Editor: Fixed bug when placing irrigation on water.
* Fixed bug that caused icons to disappear from techs on Science Advisor screen.
* Editor: Fixed bug with New which caused some map data to be retained.
* Updated All Terrain As Roads unit ability to work with water units.
* Updated water unit movement to take into account the cost of the terrain type.
* Updated resource icon loading so that it's not hard-coded. Any number of resource icons can now be loaded from resources.pcx as longs they are 49x49 with a 1-pixel border (and don't forget to update resource_shadows.pcx).
* Updated unit icon loading so that it's no longer hard-coded. Any number of unit icons can now be loaded as long as they are 32x32 with a 1-pixel border.
* Fixed bug in script with duplicated/missing key for science advisor (strong funding message had the same key as average funding).
* Nuclear Plant Civilopedia entry corrected.
* Fixed advisor bug where science funding was incorrectly calculated.

Additions v1.17f:

* Added Sentry command: y = wake whenever next to friendly or enemy unit(s) / shift+y = wake whenever next to enemy unit(s).
* Added stack movement. Hitting 'j' will produce the goto cursor. Once you select a destination, every unit of the active unit's type in that square will move to the specified location. Air units of the same type will attempt to rebase.
* The procedure for checking if the CD is in the drive has been changed to search all possible CD drives on a machine instead of simply the drive they installed the game from.
* There are now two types of "Improve Nearest City" commands. shift+'i' = Improve Nearest City. ctrl+shift+'i' = Improve Nearest City Without Altering Improvements.
* Editor: Added Undo/Redo functionality.
* Editor: Improved river placement and deletion interface.
* Added Civilopedia links and cursor to diplomacy window.
* Added "Show Wonder Initiation" preference.
* Added "Turns to Expansion" readout to culture meter on City Display.

Changes v1.17f:

* City population drop shadows are now a pref and default to off.
* Scrollbar in Domestic advisor lengthened to make use of previously unused line.
* Civ-specific units are now part of the regular upgrade chain.
* Mobile units now have to make a die roll to determine if they withdraw. Success is also modified by their experience level.
* Workers on AI Automation (A/Shift+A) will now sleep in a city when there are no more actions to take. They will automatically awake when something needs to be done (such as clean pollution).
* Improved unit activation sequence.
* Expanded size of production popup drop list.
* Added mention of Wonder and improvement culture contributions doubling after 1000 years to Culture Civilopedia entry.
* It is now possible to completely suppress a city's cultural reversion with enough military units.
* Reworded luxury resource impact of marketplace and gold contribution in Marketplace Civilopedia entry.
* Armies now have the zone of control and blitz ability.
* Coastal Fortress maintenance reduced to 0.
* Great Lighthouse cost decreased to 300.
* Forbidden Palace cost decreased to 200.
* Wall Street cost decreased to 300.
* Game bonus resource now gives +2 food to its tile.
* Oil and Aluminum not longer appear in Plains.
* Aluminum now appears in Tundra.
* Unhappiness from population rushing production increased to 40 turns.
* Building and citizen defense against bombardment increased to 16.
* Military Tradition advance now costs 68.
* Rocketry advance now costs 240.
* Fission advance now costs 280.
* Computing advance now costs 260.
* Space Flight advance now costs 300.
* Nuclear Power advance now costs 280.
* Superconductor advance now costs 300.
* Miniaturization advance now costs 320.
* Synthetic Fibers advance now costs 280.
* Satellites advance now costs 260.
* Laser advance now costs 280.
* Genetics advance now costs 320.
* Stealth advance now costs 300.
* Smart Weapons advance now costs 280.
* Robotics advance now costs 320.
* Integrated Defense now costs 360.
* The AI no longer trades during the players turn.

Fixes v1.17f:

* Fixed bug which allowed the user to continue espionage even after the spy is killed.
* Fixed bug which prevented cruise missiles from targeting units with only 1 hit point.
* Fixed bug which miscalculated average scores (esp. for future techs).
* Fixed bug involving explorers and rail movement.
* Fixed a number of bugs involving recon missions.
* Fixed bug which let coastal fortresses hit submarines.
* Editor: You can no longer select Bonus Resources as a prerequisite resource.
* Eliminated 'Despot Pop Rushing'.
* Fixed pop-up bug involving citizen unhappiness on City Display.
* Fixed bug which did not destroy an enemy spaceship if the enemy capital was razed.
* Fixed bug which allowed the AI to keep trying to build cities if the city limit had been reached.
* Fixed bug which allowed infinite bombardment/precision bombing range.
* Fixed AI worker loop bug.
* Fixed missing-city-line bug in domestic window.
* Fixed AI disband unit bug.
* Fixed City Display bugs involving selling improvements and drafting citizens.
* Fixed bugs involving unit ordering.
* Fixed crash bug involving the civil disorder pop-up.
* Fixed bug with the cleanup pollution order.
* Fixed Flood Plain Civilopedia entry to correctly state increased food.
* Fixed Fortress Civilopedia entry to correctly state +50% defensive bonus.
* Fixed misspellings in Communism Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed AI bug giving value to worthless techs.
* Fixed bug with how capital/spy/embassy icons were being drawn for foreign cities.
* Optimized pathfinding for human player to prevent 10-second waits for various orders on huge maps.
* Fixed bug which sometimes caused depletion of resources so that there would be < 1 per civ.
* Fixed bug which sometimes caused you to not get any techs from Theory of Evolution.
* Fixed Communism Civilopedia entry to reflect the correct draft rate of 2.
* Fixed typo in Coast Civilopedia entry.
* Optimized save and scenario for speed increase.
* Build Railroad bubble text now lists the hotkey (Shift-R).
* Fixed bug which caused some government buildings not to function correctly.
* Fixed bug which allowed civs with no capitals.
* Spaceship parts pop-ups now only appear if you have a spy with the corresponding civ.
* "beginning wonder" pop-ups now only appear if you have an embassy or spy with the corresponding civ.
* Fixed infinite city growth exploit (involving granaries and size 6 cities).
* Corrected graphic display corruption on horizontal scroll bars.
* The correct scroll bar now always appears in production popup.
* Fixed spelling of Archimedes in Physics Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed title of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" in the Theory of Evolution Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed typo in Jet Fighter Civilopedia entry.
* Fixed typos in Modern Armor Civilopedia entry.

Additions v1.16f:

* We've added an ini file setting, Refresh. To use, open the civilization3.ini and add 'Refresh=60'. You can try higher frequencies, but 60 is good starting location. If it can't set the frequency, it will default to what Windows believes it should be. If you are not having monitor or frequency problems, do not use this ini setting.
* Players now receive a message when a wonder is made obsolete.
* There is now a text prompt on using the production queue in the City Display screen.
* Editor: Added Barbarian Combat Bonus to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added Cost Factor to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added AI unit support bonus to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added AI bonus starting units to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added AI max. govt. transition time to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added corruption modifier to difficulty level tab.
* Editor: Added a number of armies requirement for Improvements and Wonders.
* Editor: Added a small wonder ability checkbox for "Requires a Victorious Army" for Improvements and Wonders.
* Editor: On General Settings, added Border Factor which controls border expansion.
* Editor: On General Settings, added Future Tech Cost.
* Editor: On General Settings, added Min. Tech Turns.
* Editor: On General Settings, added Max. Tech Turns.
* Editor: On General Settings, added Golden Age Duration.
* Editor: Added mission cost to Diplomats and Spies page.
* Added "Color Blind Help" pref (gives the name of the civ in the city title box).
* Added "Ask for Build Orders after Unit Construction" pref (asks for build orders after every unit construction in all cities).
* Added "Always Start Building Previously Built Unit" pref (cities always start building the last built unit).
* Added "Show Civil Disorder Pop-Up" pref (displays a pop-up whenever a city descends into civil disorder).
* Added "Culturally Linked Starting Locations" (civs are placed on maps in close proximity to other civs of the same culture; please note that not using this pref can lead to sub-optimal arrangements of civ colors).
* Added "Show Our Manual/Our Automatic/Enemy/Friend Moves" preferences.

Changes v1.16f:

* The cost of building a Palace is now based on the number of cities in your civilization.
* The Sun Icon on the Info Box represents the amount of global warming affecting the game. If the sun does not display, there is insufficient global warming to affect the terrain. Once the sun displays, the brighter it is, the greater the impact of global warming.
* It's slightly easier to culturally acquire cities.
* Forests planted on tundra always display as pine.
* Irrigation sorts slightly differently.
* Goody hut console popup display times increased.
* Relationship lines are no longer displayed on the Foreign Advisor unless the player has contact with both civilizations.
* Corruption effects have been reduced.
* Cultural priority of AI has been reduced.
* Submarine and Nuclear Submarine now have an offense value of 8.
* Paratroops now have a range of 6.
* Privateer now has an offense value of 2.
* Corruption calculations for Communism are now flat for the number-of-cities factor.
* Borders now draw over forest and jungle.
* Shield bonus from clearing forest can only be received once per game.
* Palaces and spaceship parts can only be built in one city at a time.
* Improved City Governor Performance.
* The maximum number of cities permitted in a game is 512, increased from 256.
* Added information about healing units to Barracks Civilopedia entry.
* Clarified that railroads increase output of mines and irrigation in Civilopedia entry.
* Added hyperlink to Ocean in Caravel Civilopedia entry.
* The maximum number of turns it can take to research an advance has been increased from 32 to 40.
* Editor: Removed unused Description field from Improvements and Wonders.
* Police Stations now reduce corruption in the city they are built in.
* Editor: On General Settings, renamed Border Expansion Multiplier to Lvl. Multiplier.
* Capturing a population 1 city that has no culture will automatically raze it.

Fixes v1.16f:

* Fixed scroll problem on some Nvidia graphics cards.
* Invalid link in Build Colony Civilopedia entry fixed.
* Cropped French Civilopedia entry fixed.
* Typo in German Civilopedia entry fixed.
* Typo in Japanese Civilopedia entry fixed.
* Typo in Indian Civilopedia entry fixed.
* The correct city now highlights on the Domestic and Cultural advisor screens when scroll bar displays.
* Precision Bombing now works as intended.
* Sorting columns on the Domestic advisor screen now stay sorted.
* Traded advances that cause an era transition, now allows the player to select the advance to research in the new era.
* The five states an AI can be in on the Diplomacy screen, can now be seen on the mouse over advisor messages on the Foreign advisor.
* The problem of not being able to build 'Wealth' in some cities has been fixed.
* Messages about resources discovered that the player doesn't have the advance to use no longer display.
* Incorrect popup concerning placing new embassies with civilizations you're at war with no longer displays.
* Occasional instances of selected units not stay centered fixed.
* Synthetic Fibers now has the correct prerequisite advance, Ecology.
* The Great Lighthouse no longer permits Galleys to travel on Ocean tiles.
* The AI no longer reacts to submarines that it cannot see.
* Multi-cultural cities no longer occasionally produce barbarian settlers or workers.
* Minimap now updates when interface is hidden.
* Units no longer occasionally disappear at the poles.
* 'Combo' boxes now are set to the maximum size needed.
* Long advance names no longer overrun the Info Box when in Golden Age.
* Correct cities highlight on Domestic and Cultural advisor when a scroll bar displays.
* There is no longer a punctuation error in disembark popup.
* There is no longer a spacing error on the right-click flyout for upgrading units.
* Bubble-text on the replay screen now correctly clears itself.
* The last line in the Event View of the replay screen is now fully visible.
* You can now see a cities population on the City Title bar regardless of team color or state.
* The correct plural and singular for



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