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Появился новейший патч Civilization 4 v 1.61 (СКАЧАТЬ)

Сегодня появился новейший патч Civilization 4 v 1.61. Масса изменений, дополнений, исправлений. В связи с его появлением следует отметить несколько моментов:

  • Японский Бог, размер патча 45,7 мегабайт! Среднестатестическому россиянину он обойдется в 3 часа скачивания по модему или в 90 рублей ($3) трафика.
  • Нами патч Civilization 4 v 1.61 еще не изучен. Однако, ниже представлен перечень нововведений (на английском).
  • Обсуждение в комментариях.
  • Кстати, эта ерунда вышла 13ого числа.


    * randomized processing order when multiple players try to move on the same turn slice
    * only the host can set the admin password
    * Horseback Riding now a classical tech
    * Kremlin now gives -33% hurry production cost
    * can't airlift from foreign cities
    * expanded subject for PitBoss e-mail
    * lightened the color of some civs' text
    * mp retire fix
    * less hammers from chops the farther away from a city
    * reduced hammer yield from forest chops to 20…
    * Mathematics increases forest chop yields by +50%
    * SDI cannot be built before the Manhattan Project.
    * increased SDI cost
    * marines and SAM Infantry now upgrade to Mech Infantry
    * better AI-to-human diplo in team games
    * no more diplo penalty for helping to end wars
    * city production popups stay on city when entering/exiting
    * can now set units to Sleep and Intercept in wbs
    * Continents map script now produces large continents
    * game options and victory conditions now saved in ini file
    * invalid buildings now removed from city queues
    * Free Trade: Medium Upkeep
    * State Property: Low Upkeep
    * Representation: +2 happy in X biggest cities.
    * Hereditary Rule: Low Upkeep.
    * Representation: Medium Upkeep.
    * Slaver: Low Upkeep
    * Nationhood: No Upkeep
    * firepower is now average of curr and max strength
    * Gunships now move faster over rails
    * No Cheating option renamed to Lock Modified Assets
    * city management no longer uses "forced" specialist states when not automated
    * Expansive: +3 Health
    * Financial: No longer give production bonus for Banks
    * Prompt for admin password when loading a game containing one in LAN, Internet, or Pitboss play
    * Don't allow players to play non-playable civs in Pitboss
    * Do not display SP only mods in Pitboss
    * Allow hotseat/PBEM scenario host to select which civ s/he will play
    * Force non-playable civs to be AI in Hotseat/PBEM games
    * Allowing for AI slots in player defined scenarios for Hot Seat, PBEM, and Pitboss games
    * Do not display duplicate buddy request popups from the same guy
    * Peer address handling improvements
    * Number keys perform leaderhead actions on Civilopedia leader screen.
    * Custom game SP screen remembers difficulty level last played
    * Reduced rounding error for population and land victory condition test
    * Loading a multiplayer game as a PBEM/hotseat converts it to non-simultaneous turns
    * When the city names of your civ are all taken, choose a default name from a random civ
    * Timelines more uniform across game speeds
    * Military Advisor shows Barbarians
    * Tech chooser screen now observes CvGameInterface.cannotResearch() and shows the tech in a red pane if the function returns true
    * Fixed American Revolution scenario to work with Pitboss
    * PBEM password reminder popup no longer disappears when the game starts
    * Wonder description on Wonder Movie screen more legible
    * Top Civs screen no longer appears in online multiplayer
    * Civilopedia main page sorted in columns rather than in rows
    * Pressing escape when selecting goto points now cancels the goto waypoints
    * Military advisor now works like foreign advisor: clicking on leader buttons clears previous leader selections unless you hold down the shift key.
    * Teams in multiplayer once again share all the players' starting techs, not just the last player's
    * Great person point generation from Wonders continues after Wonder has become obsolete
    * quicksave doesn't prompt for overwrite


    * exploit fix that allowed multiple players to extract the same gold/resources from the AI...
    * Don't set localhost address as public addr for peers on same computer
    * fixed gunships capturing cities bug
    * game doesn't end on ties
    * fixed mp UN voting bug
    * Leaderheads on a radeon 9000 64mb - fix for strange skin shading
    * Fixed crash that happened when a spy sabotaged an improvement outside cultural borders
    * The full mod path is no longer stored in the save when the mod is installed under the user folder
    * Double-clicking on a save of a mod now loads the proper DLL
    * fixed Out-of-Sync from exiting to main menu
    * fixed anarchy/specialist resetting bug
    * fixed bug where environmentalism doesn't affect new cities
    * fix for missing head mission crash
    * fixed stack attack bug with groups of units with more than one move
    * fixed premature end-turn unit cycle bug
    * fixed State Porperty cumulative effect in team game
    * fixed plot list button scrolling for multiple resolutions
    * fixed some AI attitude issues for team games
    * Strip chat messages of color tags before displaying in Pitboss
    * Fixed logic bug that determines the number of open slots in a Pitboss game
    * Improving how the host determines if the game is full - number of connections rather than number of players - before, the host wasn't considering joining players when determining if the game was full
    * Set status to CLOSED when a computer player dies in the game
    * The full mod path is no longer stored in the save when the mod is installed under the user folder
    * Load proper DLL when a mod is specified in the ini file
    * fix for tech chooser showing known techs as unknown
    * Clear map data (like latitudes) when you exit to main menu
    * Fixed error in combat calculations when a zero-strength unit was involved
    * Fixed bug in Info screen "rival worst" calculation
    * End of game sequence plays correctly for hotseat/pbem
    * Diplomacy screen no longer allows end-turn events to go through
    * Diplomacy screen gold popups respond to ESCAPE and RETURN
    * Right-click select-all no longer causes large stacks to slide off the screen
    * No longer possible to attempt to take over unplayable civs in multiplayer scenarios
    * Fixed PBEM infinite movement exploit
    * Fixed rush production per population for game speeds other than normal
    * GNP graph is now consistent with demographics table
    * Fix Gunship being almost invisibile in Frozen mode
    * fix mod name in progress bar
    * New DX9 code takes screenshot without requiring lockable back buffer
    * Fixed the vertically launching torpedo for the submarine unit
    * Movie playback optimized
    * Significant reduction in video and system memory usage
    * Fixed some memory leaks
    * Fixed crashes with modified SDK
    * Fixed XML failures with non-default locale
    * Many translation fixes
    * Memory related crash fixes
    * Fixed diplomacy crash fix (when expanding an empty tree control with space bar)
    * Internet lobby -> LAN fix
    * fixed pedia and menu buttons disappearing after leaving tech chooser
    * PitBoss no longer crashes on victory
    * can no longer see number of units in darkened tiles by moving the flag
    * No more Archers holding all their weapons and Workers holding all their tools
    * No more fog of war missing from the southern ice and from trees/jungle on the dateline
    * Pushing "go back" while joining a mp game, no longer causes background music to disappear
    * Wonder movie effect and zoom no longer happens when you have disabled Wonder movies
    * City billboards no longer choke on text formatting
    * Many tutorial issues fixed…
    * Fixed checksum folder order difference between NTFS and FAT32 filesystems
    * Many worldbuilder issues fixed…
    * Fix: Black eye shadows
    * Fix: Some leaderheads appear to have white eyes when the low-res textures option is on
    * fixing crack in huge globe view maps
    * fixes the problem where animals were not animating in the fog
    * Prevent Terrain crash when reloading EarthMap twice
    * fixed crash on too quick quickload
    * fixed city yields being revealed in FOW
    * fixed ability to see cities in FOW via defense modifiers
    * ICBM no longer flips upside-down when fortified/awaken
    * Fix for combat bug across a map seam


    * PitBossSleep ini setting
    * unit cycling optimization
    * Africa, Europe, East Asia, Eastern U.S., and South America maps
    * Fantasy_Realm, Fractal, and Shuffle map scripts
    * unit health bar for plot list buttons
    * Require Complete Kills game option
    * No Movies is now a graphical option (instead of an ini option)
    * Warn all users when a player with a different version of files joins the game
    * Display a popup warning the host when a joining player has different versions of XML/Python files so he can make sure this guy can be trusted
    * Indicate which players have an active turn in the Pitboss admin screen
    * Synch Logging now an .ini option
    * Able to load mods from the Pitboss
    * Hotseat and PBEM scenarios
    * Display name of peer you are contacting in join screen if available
    * Saving DirectIP join address
    * Added culture rate popup help to culture bar in city screen
    * Added Admin password field in PBEM/Hotseat staging screens
    * Added HideMovieBackground ini option for further movie speedup
    * Added HideOutOfVRamWarning ini option
    * Exposed many more functions to Python
    * Hooked up modern whaling boats
    * support for movies in customAssets folder


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    Можете воспользоваться обновлением Civilization 4, выбрав в главном меню игры Advanced > Check for Updates.



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